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PCIe Retimers

RegliTM is precision engineered for high signal integrity and latency for PCIe® 5.0 and CXLTM 2.0.
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USB4 Retimers

MatterhornTM is revolutionizing next-gen USB4 data transfer, allowing devices to do more, faster.
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IP Solutions

GlasswingTM PHY is built to exploit the ground-breaking benefits of ChordTM Signaling – the ultimate interconnect solution.
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PCIe Retimer

Take your component communications to the next level with ultra-low bit error rate.
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USB4 Retimer

See what the new USB4 standard is really capable of with our Matterhorn retimer.
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GlasswingTM IP

Lower power. Fewer pins. More bits. Chord™ Signaling is here.
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