Kandou, a company specializing in high-speed and energy-efficient chip-to-chip link solutions, has announced the release of Regli, the multiprotocol retimer family member for PCI Express® (PCIe ®) 5.0 specification and CXL™ 2.0. This innovative technology builds upon the current PCIe 5.0 specification and offers significantly lower latency. The solution supports the Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe®) interconnect standard and Compute Express Link (CXL™) for data center applications, with A0 samples available in Quarter 3 2023.

Regli is the latest addition to Kandou’s existing portfolio of multiprotocol retimer solutions, which includes the Matterhorn™ family of USB-C® multiprotocol retimer solutions for USB4™. Regli improves the physical connection quality, ultra-low latency, and security for PCIe and CXL interfaces, making it an ideal solution for data centers and hyperscalers with heavy computational workloads.
These centers employ PCIe technology and CXL as the primary interface to link host processors, GPUs, AI accelerators, CXL memory modules, and SSD storage. Other applications for Regli include servers, workstations, desktops, 5G infrastructure equipment, networking equipment, PCIe and CXL storage, and PCIe active cables.

“We are excited to introduce the Regli retimer family for the PCIe 5.0 specification and CXL 2.0,” said Amin Shokrollahi, CEO of Kandou. “This innovative technology delivers significantly lower latency, enabling the next generation of CXL 2.0 applications and facilitating composable server architectures. We are confident that Regli will exceed our customers’ expectations and further establish Kandou as a leader in high-speed, energy-efficient connectivity solutions.”

“Kandou’s contributions to PCIe 5.0 retimers technology and development with PCIe specification-based products expands the PCIe technology ecosystem by supporting solutions for data centers and hyperscalers,” said PCI-SIG® Chairperson and President Al Yanes.